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I'm a contemporary glass artist. Using the medium of glass to sculpt one story at a time.


The first time I felt the heat of the glass and saw its glow I knew I would be a glass artist. My name is Grant Garmezy. I grew up on a working farm outside of Nashville Tennessee, and as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with the arts and working with my hands to create. My art career began when I was very small but it became very serious while I was in my teens. My passion to pursue a career in the arts led me to Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts where I majored in Craft/Material Studies to focus on jewelry. It was here by total accident that I discovered my love for glass.

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Demoing a lifesize pelican at Ignite Glass Studio Chicago

I’ve never been attracted to the functional side of glass. I’ve always been drawn more to its sculptural qualities. Glass unlike any other medium cant be sculpted with your hands. When I’m working with it its 2,000 degrees and moving. So it’s constantly a dance of getting in the right shape using metal tools that really have not changed since the 12th century. In my work Im constantly drawn to animal imagery when I sculpt.When I first started I found my passion in the challenge to capture its physical features that makes it what it is, but as I’ve grown with my work I’ve started introducing color and expression to really make the work more than just a sculpture and start to tell a story.

"Nature is truly perfect in its creation, impossible to reproduce. I do not strive to re-create the natural world exactly; instead I try to capture the essence of the animal when I’m sculpting, not only in its physical features but also its attitude and spirit."



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