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Commission the perfect piece for your home or business.


If you love my work and style but don’t see anything that is quite the right shape, size or colors for your space, you can commission me to make a custom piece for your home or business! I enjoy this process and love working alongside you as a collector, designer or artist to discuss the unlimited possibilities of what can be accomplished. 

John Deere Skull

Varieties of Tusk and Horn Commissions

Savannah Sea Turtle Shell with Orchids

Nashville Stingray Commission

Savannah Dining Room Seascape

Memphis TN Hunting Room

Envision Your Sculpture

Browse my Portfolio , Available work  and past Commissions to find which pieces you are drawn to most. This will really help as we discuss what you are wanting as far as shape, color, size and installation. You can send along photos of your home or business, accent colors or inspiration photos and I will walk you through every step.

If you are interested in getting a custom piece, fill out the form below and I will send you pricing and more info. Your order doesn’t officially begin until you make your first payment.

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How can I find out the pricing for commissions?

If you email me or fill out the form above. I can send you an estimate for the specific piece. However, the prices of available glass sculptures on my site will give you a good idea of what I charge for commissions. I enjoy this process and do not raise the price dramatically when someone wants a specific size and color scheme for their home or business. 


How would I begin a commission order?

Start by filling out the form above. From there we can talk about what kind of piece your interested in creating. Once we have decided what you want to create. I will sketch a few drawings to help show you what your commission could look like, and give you a few options with different price brackets to choose from. Once you’ve chosen from a group of sketches and colors to go with. All I require is 50% of the price agreed upon and I’m off to my country studio creating your beautiful piece!


What if I want changes once the piece is in progress?

If it’s still in the early stages of the process I’m happy to change up color, shape, size, but once I start blowing glass its pretty much set in stone unless we start over. Unlike paintings that can be painted over or steel that can be reheated, once glass is set there is no turning back. To avoid this I provide great sketches to really nail down what we are creating before we ever get into the hotshop, and send process pictures of your piece in the studio. To this day I’ve never had a client that wasn’t blown away with the end result!


How does payment work for commissions?

You pay in two installments- 50% deposit up front to begin your order & the remaining half when your glass sculpture is completed. The total cost of the commission will include the creating of your masterpiece as well as all the packaging and shipping straight to your door!


 How long will it take to get my commission created?

It all depends on what it is and how big it is. I’ve created pieces as involved as giant glass barrier reefs, to large glass dolphins, to custom antlers and small tusks. No job is too big or crazy and no job is to small and delicate to create. I like to have a six to eight week window to compete each piece, but I love a good deadline so if you have something specific coming up an anniversary, party, etc. I will do my best to get it to you by then. 

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